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Kim Kardashian Just Posted A Topless Selfie—But All We Can Do Is Stare At Her Abs

Kim's tonic middle section seems to be turning into a straight six-pack. And we need to give him props – anyone who has ever tried to define their abs knows that it is not easy. We assume that her stomach looks extra sculpted through her intense workouts, apparently with personal trainer Melissa Alcantara.

Alcantara appeared on an episode of last year, when Kim turned to Kardashians coach to help build bigger hamstrings and define his arms and his abs. Here's what we know about celebrity coaching and the exercises she's done with Kim (so you can get a kernel like hers.)

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According to People Alcantara works with Kim six days a week at 6 am (no rest for the torn, apparently.) They focus on different areas of the body during each sitting. training, such as legs, shoulders, arms and chest / back. They lift heavyweights, make classic moves like squats and lunges, and they will sometimes change things with equipment like battle ropes. Alcantara also drives Kim through the cardio, either with short HIIT bursts or something lower, such as walking.

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According to E!, Kim says the Alcantara diet plan on her is "crazy-strict". Alcantara advises against eating processed foods and sticking to complete foods balanced with carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.

People also reports that a typical day of his meal plan could be oatmeal pancakes for breakfast, chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables for the lunch and fish and vegetables for dinner. According to E!, Alcatara visited Kim's house and cleaned her pantry, throwing vanilla wafers, crispy rice treats and graham crackers. Kim continues to enjoy herself from time to time, but with a less elaborate option like banana bread.

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Kim is obviously the game. The proof is in the mirror selfie.

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