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Is Sparkling Water Making You Fart?

Drinking soft drinks like LaCroix can lead to the ingestion of air. This air usually comes out like a fart or a rotary, says Maggie Moon, MS, RDN, and author of The MIND Diet .

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"Soft drinks release Carbon dioxide, adding air to the esophagus.Most of the excess air that causes belching is trapped in the esophagus before it n '. reach your stomach – until it is released by belching. "

" If gas accumulates before reaching your stomach, the side effect is most important, probable belching.The extra swallowed air is almost never the cause of flatulence. "

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Of course, as you learned in elementary school, if that air does not If you If you weigh excessively, carbonation may play a role, but it is probably more the result of the interaction of bacteria with stomach acid, fatty acids. or unabsorbed carbohydrates (eg fiber, sugar alcohols), "says Moon, and not so much the carbonated drink itself.

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I love soft drinks and you find that you are prone to gas, LaCroix is ​​actually one of the best options over there. Most soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners, which has been linked to cause more gas, Moon says. Because brands like LaCroix do not contain artificial sweeteners, they are less likely to cause gas than other types of soft drinks.

That said, sparkling water is not 100% perfect for you. Beyond causing minor gas and bloating, drinking too much carbonated water has been linked to tooth erosion because of its acidity. Fortunately, there are a few ways to minimize burping and enjoy each sip.

"Try to drink smaller portions or try taking slower, smaller sips to reduce the amount of air swallowed," says Moon. It also suggests that you "keep your mouth shut between sips and skip the straw, as both can also introduce extra air," leading to greater gas accumulation. Overall, as long as you do not drink too much sparkling water or you do not have a gastrointestinal disorder, your LaCroix habit is probably good. Keep these tips in mind to save you from some laughs at work.

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