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I'm Obsessed With Orangetheory Fitness Classes. Here's Why You Should Be, Too.

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From the moment I entered my Orangetheory Round Rock boutique, Texas, I was greeted by my name. It made me feel a sense of belonging. Because it was my first class, I arrived 30 minutes earlier for a free tutorial, where I learned how to use the three stations used in class: treadmills, rowing machines, and weight room. (Call a local studio to sign up for your first class, and it will be free. You just need to bring your ID card for proof of residency.)

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Before the class, I gathered in front of the studio door with the other participants. Then, about two minutes before the start, an enthusiastic coach named Megan (who moved in 2016 to cross her own Orangetheory Fitness studio!) Explained the outline of the day's workout. (This is one of my new coaches in the photo above.) Each Orangetheory Fitness class follows one of the following four profiles: Endurance, Strength, Power, or a "ESP" mix three. Once the overview was complete, the coach asked if anyone needed an apartment bike or a stationary bike. If you prefer these alternatives to walking or jogging on a treadmill, do not be afraid to talk!

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Now, it was "going" the time. With hands raised for a high-five Coach Megan, we walked into the studio, which was softly lit with an orange glow (fitting). The music was already booming through the speakers. Each coach can create their own playlist, but many use an app called RockMyRun, which creates DJ mashup mixes with transparent transitions.

For starters, half of us went to treadmills and the other half. There is a number on each unit / machine. When you change positions, you are supposed to go to the equipment with that same number to keep the transitions smooth and maintain the flow of the class, not to mention to avoid the equivalent of stealing the place someone's parking lot. (Get ready to work alone: ​​here are the 9 things you really need to train at home.)

We spent nearly half of the courses on the treadmill and the other half between the rower and the weight room. Meanwhile, my performance was tracked with color-coded heart rate monitoring technology. My name and heart rate (+ the color of the zone) appeared on a big screen TV, with all the other participants in the class. The color code made the tracking of intensity quite simple. I can adequately describe color-coded areas and coincidental intensity like this:

  • Blue Zone: Life Is Easy
  • Green Zone: Trying But Not Dying
  • Zone orange difficult and uncomfortable
  • Red Zone: max-out

It's not like I was competing with other people, yet I knew as they exploded the screen with tons of orange and I kept searching the blue, I'd better stop poking and get to work! The "theory" behind Orangetheory Fitness is that if you spend 12 collective minutes in orange or red areas during class, you will reach the threshold for an afterburner effect, where you continue to burn extra calories for a day after # 39; drive. ("Keep Burning" is the slogan of the company.)

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The environment at Orangetheory Fitness is oozing positivity. I felt encouraged to work at my best because my coach said, "Beautiful, Brook! Great effort on this treadmill! Other participants fought each other and me after completing intense intervals. It's the most consistent environment in which I've been practicing, and I've been in the fitness industry for two decades!

In the end, it was a complete set of good coaches, "everyone raises everyone" workout session that had me wrapping my first class with a smile on my face and sweat trickles down my forehead. On leaving the studio, an employee at the front desk asked me, "Are you interested in a membership? I replied: "I am interested in a franchise!" (A little jokingly, I opted for membership.)

Do Orangetheory members tend to "look" in some way? Nope. There are overweight and deconditioned people in class. There are "weekend warriors". There are men who have never dreamed that they would be "aerobic" (it took me three years to get my husband to try an OTF class three times a week). !) There are athletes. There are people in old baggy clothes. There are people in sports bras. All of these people come together, as they are, and stand up to each other to reach their highest potential. No comparison. No shame. But, in this workout, no pity either. (If you do not have time for a one-hour course, try this 10-minute HIIT workout that will boost your metabolism.)

Try This Orangetheory Fitness-inspired Tour :

Here is a 60-minute session similar to the one you would experience at Orangetheory Fitness. You may need to go to a gym because you will need a treadmill, a rower and a TRX suspension trainer.

Part 1: Treadmill Warm-up (8 minutes)

  1. and walk for 3 minutes (for an average person, a "power walk" is between 3.5-4.2 MPH.)
  2. Increase your speed to one light jog for 5 minutes. Or, if you prefer a low impact, maintain an initial pace (brisk), but increase the incline to 5.0. (Psst!) Is the best treadmill workout to lose weight if you are over 50.)

Part 2: Progressive Hill Treadmill (20 minutes)

  1. Hold your pace of jogging, but increase your 7 minutes (so, 1 minute to 1.0 tilt, 1 minute to 2.0 tilt, 1 minute to 3.0 … all the way up to 7.0). Or, if you prefer a low impact, walk and increase your incline by 2.0 every minute (so, 1 minute at 1.0 tilt, 1 minute at 3.0, 1 minute at 5.0 … until 13.0).
  2. Return to 1.0 incline (This will take 15 seconds) then increase your speed to a sprint for 45 seconds!
  3. Walk comfortably for 2 minutes
  4. Repeat.

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Part 3: Rower Circuit and TRX (25-30 minutes)

1. Row 500 meters on a rower. (Here's how to row properly).

2. Perform 15 TRX Chest Flys. To make a fly (as stated above), stand up and grab a handful in each hand with your body facing the anchor. Step your feet in about 2 feet where your body is tilted. Take your arms in large, then, with elbows slightly bent, pull your arms towards each other.

3. Perform 15 low TRX lines. To make a low row (as shown above), stand up and grab a handful in each hand with your body facing the anchor. Step your feet in 2 feet (or more to make it more difficult), so that your body is tilted. Raise your arms for a long time, then move your elbows straight in front of your body, taking the handles towards your ribcage.

4. Perform 45 seconds of TRX Jump Squats. To do a Jump Squat (as shown above), stand up and grab a handful in each hand with your body facing the anchor. Step your feet in about a foot, so that your body is slightly tilted. Arm your arms for a long time and squat down. Now jump up and back to a slight diagonal, where you feel the support of the TRX straps. Terrain slightly. (If you prefer a weak impact, omit the jump and get close to your toes.)

5. Repeat. Complete 4 rounds like this.

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