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'I Started Running To Cope With My Brother's Death—But It Became So Much More Than That'

Over the next six months, I ran four extra half marathons, but I was still not as fit as I wanted to. I was really proud of myself for completing and completing these races, but I was jealous of other runners who were faster.

So, in January 2015, I decided to be really serious about the workout. For years, I set the New Year's resolution to lose weight, and I would lose 20 pounds, get it back, lose 20 pounds, get it back. But after realizing that the race was the best way for me to cope with Robert's death, I knew I had to take it seriously – which meant training properly, not just losing money. weight, but keep it.

I created an Instagram to document my weight loss and my workouts, and connect with other runners to stay motivated. I signed up for the Leadville Trail Marathon, the same as Robert ran in 2012. I knew that signing up for one of the country's toughest marathons would motivate me to meet my goals. I could either keep the weight that I was and suffer during the marathon, get me in shape, train hard and show me what I was able to do.

I went with him.

(Torch I became real with myself and I thought for a long time not only about the food I ate but also about the time I was in the process of to eat, to eat it, I realized that it was not only when I was hungry, but also (and more often) when I was bored, sad, stressed and angry – emotions that came back often, especially after Robert's death

Fortunately, training has brought the structure back into my life.I am a very routine person, so I liked having a training schedule at wait for it every morning.

And this marathon at the horizon has helped me stay motivated. Realizing that you're going to run 26.2 miles is a great motivator to eat well! J & # 39; started using a smaller plate at dinner, preparing healthy snacks for work, preparing meals and consuming more Whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats as processed foods. I also started eating smaller amounts of food more often during the day than three larger meals. This helped me stay longer and helped with cravings. Over time, I began to learn which foods fed me best, be it the day of a race or just a typical day during the work week.

Many changes for me were mental. When I signed up for the marathon, I also pledged to trade "I can not" for "I can." I learned to use leads to calm my mind and help me manage chaos when I was angry or had a bad day. Running helped me get closer to my brother, not only because he loved sports very much, but also because he helped me to embody the type of person that he was. he was, who is attentive, kind and loyal

. I've completely transformed my body without losing a single pound – here's how "

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