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'I Lost 80 Pounds By Following This Super-Popular Eating Plan'

I've always been an active kid: swimming, dancing and playing softball and volleyball. Even though I continued to gain weight at the university, I played rugby. But as the old saying goes, "you can not deprive yourself of a bad diet." I have been the best example.

I worked before starting my trip in November 2009, but it was not smart. I went to the gym for hours, spending time on the stairs or elliptical trainers until the calories burned exceeded 1,000 – and I followed them eating junk food as a "reward."

Once I joined Weight Watchers, I started working smarter. During the first three weeks of the program, I focused on my eating habits. Then I gradually added 45 minutes on the climber, elliptical, or treadmill staircase three times a week to earn my WW activity points.

As I got more comfortable in my body and the weight fell, I decided to try a bike in class with a friend in the summer of 2010. J & I was over 30 pounds at that time, and I managed to pass the door because I had a friend with me. I had a good time and I loved the class. I went there three to four times a week around my work schedule. I would also like to try out workouts like Zumba and dance (hip hop) every once and again whenever a friend wanted to go. A friend and I found a Zumba instructor whom we loved very much, so we got used to going to class every Tuesday for some time

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In December 2010, I herniated a disc and I had to stop coaching, but I I still lost weight by following Weight Watchers' diet plan. Meanwhile, I launched my blog, Weight Off My Shoulders, to tell what I was going through and build an online support system through my readership.

While I was lying, my wife decided that she wanted to start running. , so I decided to join her once I was recovered. In June 2011, I was allowed to start running again. I've done seven races in total during this month. I was not supposed to push too much, so the distance ranged from two to seven miles. From June to the end of 2011, I did 15 races, mainly 5Ks and 10Ks. I was hooked.

My trainings today really depend on what I am training. Since 2011, I have completed 58 half-marathons, 12 marathons, 15 triathlons (including two half-Ironman) and an ultramarathon (40-milers). If I focus primarily on a marathon, I run three to four times a week (which includes a long weekend run) as well as cycling, boxing, Pilates and even swimming classes. I like meeting with friends to try new classes, so I constantly try new fun things.

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