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How To Remove Winter Salt Stains From Pretty Much Anything

Salt can damage the leather. It is therefore advisable to clean it as quickly as possible to preserve the leather shoes. Dip a clean, soft cloth in a solution of water and vinegar head-to-head and wipe off salt or dirt (you may need to do this several times to remove all the salt). Saddle soap is also good for cleaning leather items, and is usually made from natural ingredients and environmentally friendly. Rub the saddle soap on a damp sponge, then apply it to the leather in a circular motion and polish it with a dry cloth.

If you can not find saddle soap, do it yourself by melting two tablespoons of bee wax. Mason jar shallow and wide opening in a simmering water pan (do not heat the bee wax directly on the stove because it can ignite in case of overheating). Once the wax melts, remove the jar of water and mix 1/2 cup of olive oil and mix 1 cup of Castile or Ivory soap and 1/4 spoon Lavender coffee or tea tree oil up to homogeneity (the oils are optional, but they offer some protection against mildew, in addition to feeling pleasant). Store at room temperature.

If a stumble in a deep puddle leaves your shoes soaked, remove the loose inner soles, drain the water and clean as above. Then, stuff the shoes with crumpled paper and let them dry. Avoid the temptation to place them near a heat source (and certainly not in the dryer) because high heat can damage the leather more than wet it.

To speed up the drying process, replace the wet log by absorbing moisture. After cleaning the leather, and especially when it is soaked, it is a good idea to apply a conditioner. The simplest and safest is the old olive oil: rub the oil with a soft cloth and let the leather absorb it (try a little in a discreet place first for see you as the effect or not).

Continue Wipe off a thin layer of oil every few hours until it no longer appears to disappear into the leather. Buff any excess oil with a soft, dry cloth. Another option: you can rub a beeswax-based leather conditioner on your shoes or dry jacket to condition and protect them.

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