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How To Organize Your Kitchen For Weight Loss Success, According To Science

In a perfect world, you might be able to keep junky snacks out of the house, so that they would not be able to tempt you at all. But if other members of your family like to have treats, it is not enough to leave them on sale. Your best bet is to store them in a place where they will not tease you every time you open the closet or pantry. A shelf very high or low, or all the way to the back, should do the business. As long as it's out of your line of vision: The results published in the newspaper PLoS One show that just the sight of tasty food can be enough to make us want to chow down. "If we keep the food hidden, we are more likely to forget," says Pflugradt.

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And even if you remember that there is a box of donuts hidden in the depths of the pantry keeping them away might be enough to stop you from eating them. "If you have to exercise more energy to get something, you're more likely to think if you really want it," Fear says.

So where should things go? Designate a spotlight area for the most nutritious foods in your fridge and pantry, such as the front of the center shelf. Keeping healthy staples at the front makes them easier to find, so you do not have to dig past that leftover cake or cheese macaroni. More importantly, the results suggest that the central shelf tends to be where our eyes are focused first. And other studies show that we are more likely to fill our plates with healthy foods if these are the first foods we see.

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