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How To Organize All Your Family Photos—And Why It Will Make You Happier

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You probably have old paper pictures hidden in several places – in a box in the closet, in photo albums that are erased, and maybe even in the bottom drawer of your bedside table. You keep telling yourself that you will eventually settle them, but that never happens.

Well, it's the perfect time to cope with the task. Not only do you have all the "New Year, new start" thing to kick you in butt, but it is best to arrive at these snapshots sooner rather than later.

"Old paper photographs will deteriorate over time and if you do not take care of them properly, the colors may fade, the paper may become rotten, or the photo may be damaged. another way that makes it difficult to see the image, "says Denise May Levenick, founder of The Family Curator and author of How to archive family photos so if you want to preserve your memories of family, it is essential to take steps now to protect your photos, she says.

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Of course, organizing tons of photos will take time; however, there are benefits to finally doing it! Research has shown that clean spaces and organized can help reduce stress, make you happier and can even help you make healthier food choices. In addition, as you browse the photos, you will relive the emotions that accompany them, so you can make a big belly laugh at this Grandpa take in a crazy costume or feel a feeling of overwhelming love. looking at a picture of your child when she was a newborn. Finally, by attacking this stack of photos, you will also eliminate your lingering guilt of having the task on your to-do list forever, and you'll have a sense of accomplishment when you'll have completed.

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So, increase the melodies or make a good TV show and go for it! Here's how to organize all these old photos and share good memories with the rest of the family:

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