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How To 'Oprah Your Life' (So You Can Reach Your Full Potential)

Yeah. To reach our dreams, we must learn to give up, to give up and to let go. It's part of the process. We are obsessive control monsters by nature. We want what we want and we want it now. We have dreams, and we want them to be realized before two o'clock on Tuesday … or we feel hopeless.

Raise your dream, work hard, jostle, connect, reach, fire like lightning in all directions. So, let it go. Give him some space. Let him breathe. There is grace to work hard and then take root the seeds you have planted.

Often, there is something waiting for you that is bigger and better than you could ever imagine. When you hold your dreams in tight hands, your dream can not grow. Loosen. Give up your dream to a power superior to yours. It does not give up. This perpetuates the dream.

Living an Oprah life is possible for all of us no matter where we are in our lives. Oprah does not expect us to have all the answers before we start. She does not expect it to be easy or even pretty.

Oprah wants us to succeed. To start small. Carry on. Dream. We hold ourselves responsible. Come on! Let's start.

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