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How To Declutter Every Room In Your House To Reduce Anxiety And Stress

Declutter Your Life is a one-month initiative to help you manage stress and improve your health by learning the basics of clutter and restoring the sense of order in your world .

On your kitchen counter, dirty clothes come out of the basket on the floor of your room, and do not even talk about the condition of your guest room right now. At one time or another, this has probably been your home. (If not, congratulations.) And even if you do not realize it, distress can disrupt your sanity.

"If our house, our car and our workspace are hectic and disorganized, we tend to feel overwhelmed. if we do not even know where to start, "says Sherry Benton, Ph.D., psychologist, who is the founder and chief scientific officer of TAO Connect. "Every task, from breakfast to driving to work, can be complicated by the mess we face." The opposite is also true: "When our space comes together and calms down, we feel more relaxed ". 19659004] Research supports this. A 2009 study in The Bulletin of Personality and Social Psychology found that women who described their homes as cluttered and stressful were more depressed than those who described them as restorative spaces. This is not surprising given that many studies have linked a cleaner home to healthier habits – like exercising and making smart snack choices – which can really be beneficial to your health and your prospects. that the relationship between your mind and your living space is often circular. "When someone is anxious, depressed or has a form of ADD, it can be difficult to focus on the organization of their space." In fact, hoarding is often a symptom of mental illness, as depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder. , according to the American Association of Anxiety and Depression. (Are you depressed or just disappointed? Answer this quiz to find out.)

10 silent signals you're too stressed:

But for the average person, how much damage does the # Demoralizing mood? It all depends on your level of personal comfort. "A lot of people have areas where they really want to organize and other areas where it's less of a concern," says Benton. "For example, I really like having my spice rack in alphabetical order, which has made my husband go crazy for years." I rarely think about organization (or lack of it). organization) in the garage, but it is very special. "

Take note of the clutter areas that accentuate your stress or hinder your daily routine, refresh yourself on these five failures decluttering strategies from a professional organizer , and plan a little time to start tidying up.We know the task seems daunting, so we've found inspiring transformations of six places in the house that will show you exactly what to do.

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