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How Getting Organized Can Help You Lose Weight

Do you think that your cluttered countertops are only a nuisance? Think again. A recent study found that "stressful and chaotic eating environments" influence people to get high-calorie snacks. In order to determine the impact of the state of mind and the environment on food, researchers from Cornell University have invited a hundred women to write on a moment when they felt out of control, neutral or organized, then ate snacks in crowded or orderly kitchens. They discovered that participants who were in a more chaotic state of mind in the messy kitchen consumed more cookies than those who were in the tidy space

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a 2013 study that found people in neat rooms to choose healthier snacks than those in crowded environments, as well as books like Slim By Design: Eaten Solutions without effort for everyday life (by Brian Wansink, one of the researchers Cornell's study) and Peter Walsh preached to dieters for years: Storing and planning at the # 39, advance could be just as important for weight loss as commitment to exercise and a reduction –

Dafna Chazin, RDN, Registered Dietitian at Cherry Hill, New Jersey, notes that s & d Planning was a key factor in the lives of its customers who managed to lose weight. She says that people who have messy homes often have trouble sticking to their weight loss plans.

"If you're constantly trying to catch up, get organized, and win, you're stressed. When people are chronically stressed, the body reacts with a surge of hormones that increase cravings and hunger throughout the day. "

Chazin adds that stressful environments erode our ability to create plans we can engage in. Our discipline of eating better and doing more exercise is diminished by the visual noise and distraction of the piles of things that surround us. "If you can not control a disorder, you begin to doubt your ability to control your diet. It gives you mental permission to overeat and eat without thinking. You end up reaching foods that you do not really want to eat, such as potato chips, and then you feel ashamed and unmotivated. "

Fortunately, you do not need to clean each cabinet before you can lose a few pounds." Chazin has some tips for organizing and creating a weight loss plan at the same time.

This high-protein yogurt dip is the perfect afternoon:

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