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Do These Leggings Really Change The Shape Of Your Butt?

1. Brenda Armendariz, Assistant Photo Editor

"The shading carved my legs and my back, but every time I checked my shape in the mirror during a hybrid Pilates-Bar course, I liked what I saw. I felt more confident, which made me work harder! "

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2. Gab Porcaro, Editor of Fashion and Market

"I'm not embarrassed by my buttocks, but the illusion made me look more angry. I had compliments wearing them, so I would wear them again, probably to ride a bike because that they are gentle and not restrictive. "

3. Kristine Thomason, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

"The geometric design and the way the fabric has hugged me made my bottom punt rounder … They did not get me overheated in boxing, but they've stretched out a bit, so I'm going to save up "

This article was published in the March 2018 issue of Women's Health.To get some great advice, get a copy of the number on newsstands now!

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