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Declutter Your Bedroom And Sleep Better Tonight With These Genius Products

Declutter Your Life is a one – month initiative to help you manage stress and improve your health by learning the basics of clutter and restoring the sense of order in your world.

Want to have a better night? The answer can be as simple as decluttering your room.

A disorganized space can cause stress, negatively affecting us both mentally and physically, says Caitlin Hoff, a health and safety investigator at ConsumerSafety.org. Clutter and unfinished tasks (such as unfolded laundry) and the damage they do can all eat away at the psyche. Taming the mess becomes one more thing on our to-do lists looming in the dark, making it hard to fall and stay asleep. "By taking care of these small piles of clutter, we can feel more relaxed when we hit the hay," says Hoff

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Allergies are also Dara Friedson, owner of the Orderly Method Corporation, a professional organization based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, explains that this situation is exacerbated by a cluttered space that can not be cleaned properly. Congestion, coughing, headaches and other symptoms caused by dust and dander can all affect the duration and quality of sleep. "Many customers will clean an organized area more often because it's easier, but when that space is crowded, they avoid dusting, vacuuming, emptying the trash and washing the sheets." and bedding because it takes more energy or time than they have. "

The key to solving this problem problem, professional organizers say, ensures that everything in the room has a designated house. Otherwise, Friedson says, "It's pretty common that" the place "for everything becomes the other side of the bed or maybe a chair."

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