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Could You Pass The Army's New Fitness Test?

1st Sgt, Diamond Ott

About My Name: My mother was a big fan of Neil Diamond.

Home is American Samoa born and raised. My first sport was football

When I joined the army we ran a lot and did the basics: pushups, situps, exercises. The new fitness test is more complete.

I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 and we had some time off, so I started to train more in the gym. I've set a goal at 315 pounds. I nailed it before the end of the tour. It's at this point that my fitness journey has begun. I wanted to see what else I could do for my body.

I had 155 pounds in 2012. Now I have 180. My goals are to lift 520 pounds and make 420 of them. My current 2 mile run is less than 15 minutes.

What do the soldiers ask for the most? "Help me lose weight." I say, "Evaluate your diet, eliminate the worst foods, sodas, fried foods, processed carbohydrates, but take them slowly, cut one thing every few weeks, do not be too harsh and keep exercising"

[19659003] In the army it is not just about fitness. Of course, you need functional strength to get the job done, but it's also about discipline, learning to be competent and preventing injuries.

There are 135 soldiers in my company. I want them to see me, to mimic my physical form.

We do cardio three times a week. Every week is different. Monday can be a 3.5-mile tempo; On Wednesday, we could do sprinting exercises. Friday could be a cohesive race, calling the pace to keep the soldiers in step. I will say, "Who opens the way?" They answer: "Me". "Who is motivated?" "Me." "Who is excited?" "Me." The noisier they are, the shorter the race.

Tuesday we focus on work in the top of the bodywork – all kinds of exercises of pushups, pullups, aerial elevations with med balls and sandbags. It is 40 seconds, 20, four rounds, 10 exercises. On Thursday, we hit the obstacle course for high intensity training, plus the legs. We will do grass exercises and guerrilla exercises, which incorporate bending and slits of body weight.

On deployments I organize fitness competitions. It builds camaraderie and allows soldiers to see where they are and set new goals

15 minute training : Make 2 pumps, mix right on your hands and feet, and make 2 more pumps. Shuffle back to the left; make 2 more pumps. Jump up and do 2 jumps together (raise your knees). Bear-crawl 10 feet. Repeat

A great basic move? The dragon flag, courtesy of Bruce Lee. Lie on your back with your arms behind your head holding a pole. Bring your knees to your chest, raise your lower back, push your legs vertically, and lock your hips. Float slowly. Work up to 3 sets of 5.

Instagram: @diamondcut_fitness

The Army's New Combat Fitness Test

1. 3-Rep MAX Forklift Hex Bar

TESTS Gross Strength

Push back hips and bend your knees to catch the handles. Hold a flat back
while standing, pause, then return the bar to the floor. Make 2 other repetitions.

Basic: 120-229 LB
High : 230-349 LB
Elite : 350-400

2. T-Stop Push

TESTS Endurance of the upper body

Pushup; Lower yourself to the floor. Put your hands on your side. It is 1 rep. Go for max reps in 2 minutes

Basic : 15-30
Strong : 31-60
Elite : 61-80

3. Leg Tuck

TESTS Core, Grip, and Stamina

All of a sudden, flex your elbows, hips, and waist, and raise your knees to touch your elbows. It is 1 rep. Return to a hang. Go for maximum reps.

Basic : 3-5
Strong : 6-13
Elite: 14-25

4. Standing Power Spray

TESTS Total Explosive Power of the Body

Hold a 10-pound medicinal ball, squatting, and throw it over your head as far as possible toward the body. ;back. Measure the distance in centimeters

Basic: 350-799
Strong: 800-1,199
Elite: 1,200+

5. 250-meter Sprint / Drag / Carry

TESTS Speed, Power, and Stamina

All events are at 25 meters and go back in time: (1) sprint, (2) sled of 100 drag books, (3) sprint, (4) two 40-pound kettlebell carry, and (5) sprint.

Basic: 3: 00-2: 10
Strong: 2: 09- 1:50
Elite: 1: 49-1: 30

6. 2-mile race

TESTS Endurance and grain

Run a flat course of 2 miles as fast as you can. Write down your time in minutes and seconds.

Base: 21: 00-15: 30
Strong: 15: 29-12: 45
Elite: 12: 44- 11:30

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