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Cleaning My Bathroom Jump-Started The Best Year Of My Life—Here's My Story

When 2016 came to an end, I was not really looking forward to 2017. I had mixed feelings at the thought of being 30 years old, I was starting to m & # 39; bored in my job and was stressed by planning my wedding. Like many people, I took care of my feelings by eating garbage and lambasting everyone around me. I felt as if I had spent most of the year fighting with my mother, swearing my fiance, or beating up on my colleagues

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When my boss (whom I adore) I said I did not "cooperate with the team" During my end-of-year review, I knew what she really meant, it was "You are a nightmare with whom to work. "And she was right. But hearing from a woman that I respected made me think of a ton of salt spilled into a new wound. I was overwhelmed with wedding details, filled with unresolved anger, and suffered from a bad self-image. I dropped the ball on work and social obligations. I knew I wanted to be better, but I did not know what "better" meant to me. (Your mind is cluttered, here's how to know and what to do.)

Shortly after the start of the New Year, I found myself pacing the house trying to decide who I could blame for all my problems. Then I entered the bathroom. My then-fiance (now husband) had offered me a magnificent vanity mirror for Christmas, and it was easily the most glamorous and exaggerated thing I owned. He had ordered, assembled and carefully cleaned every centimeter of its reflective surface before presenting it to me on Christmas morning. And now it was covered with broken eye shadows, reverse set powder, dried eye liner and a thin layer of hairspray.

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the perfect metaphor for my life: a potentially beautiful and glamorous thing covered in clutter, dirt and bugs. garbage. It was time to stop complaining and clean up my damn bathroom.

I've purged all the old broken and expired makeup from my collection. (Are you a makeup lover? Here's how to regain control of your cosmetics.) I've organized my brushes and cleaned eyeshadow in every nook and cranny. A bottle of glass cleaner, three rolls of paper towels, and several hours later, the vanity was almost worthy of Instagram. For the first time in months, I had the impression that a small part of my life was again under my control, and I wanted more. So I went to my closet.

I threw clothes that did not fit, shoes with broken heels and bags with holes. Whenever I found myself hesitant about keeping or throwing an object, I thought about how it made me feel. If the answer was anything less than mighty, it was out

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I ended up giving three bags of clothes, shoes and accessories were in good condition and ransacked four others filled with things that were not there. I realized that the last word about what was left in my life and what to do was all mine, and it opened up a world of possibilities.

I decided to throw into my life everything that no longer served me. I started rejecting things that were not working for me, and I stopped feeling guilty about it. From negative self-declaration to destructive habits to procrastination, I officially said no to all that. I started arriving earlier at work. I started walking a little higher.

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The next step was my body. The junk food that I had used to comfort me separated me from feeling and being my best, so it had to go away. I let my body lead: I thought of the foods that made me feel powerful and the ones that made me feel weak. Lean meats and vegetables gave me confidence, so I ate more. The extra sugar and starch got me tired, so I ate less. (These 11 organizational products can help keep your kitchen and pantry uncluttered.)

I remembered feeling strong when I had already taken yoga classes, so I I signed up again. Instead of taking a nap, I started to coach yoga classes at five in the morning four times a week.

Only three months after my first makeup purge, my energy and outlook have gone. I was nicer with my colleagues, and I had more patience with my fiance. I found a ground of agreement with my mother; we had no more screaming matches on the out-of-work

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A few months later, we m & # 39; s offered a promotion at work; my boss said that everything that interested him at the end of the year had become a force. I used the extra money to start working for my life coaching certification, which I had always wanted to do. I've inspired my friends to start serving too, which gave them the confidence and space to pursue their own dreams.

But the real magic realized that I still have control

I had spent the year 2016 believing that I was a victim of conditions. I had the impression that life was coming to me, not for me. I had filled my life with useless make-ups and useless bad habits – and that made me give up on things that made me powerful and happy. Cleansing my vanity led to the cleansing of all areas of my life, and it was a quantum shift that I had desperately needed.

My life sometimes becomes chaotic, and waste always starts to accumulate. But when my progress begins to derail, I remember that I know how to do well. I usually start by cleaning the bathroom.

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