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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

A national study published in JAMA Ophthalmology found that 88% of Americans think that good eyesight is important for overall health. And almost 50% believe that losing sight would have a greater impact on their daily lives than losing a member, their memory, their hearing or their language. 1 According …

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A Global Practice

"From elementary school, I knew that I loved science. I do not know exactly why – I do not have any family members who are doctor or doctor," says Jorge What he did was a donation for research.As a high school science competitor, he isolated antibiotics from the soil and …

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Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar

From research on cancer vaccines to why we are feeling pain, scientists are tackling some of the biggest challenges in human biology. Want to know what they are working on? Raise a stool with facilitator Jane Grogan, senior scientist of cancer immunology at Genentech, for "Two Scientists Enter a Bar". …

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Understanding the MS Mindset

The unpredictability of the disease has led people with MS and their support partners to worry about the symptoms they may have in the future. After physical symptoms, 77% of people with MS cognitive changes, while 72% of supportive partners were more concerned about emotional changes, such as depression and …

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Parenting Fails that Won’t Doom Your Kids Life

Parenting is really difficult and, despite our best intentions, no parent gets it completely 100% of the time. When it comes to parenting, we have to accept that embarrassing blunders are just for the course. The advantage – other than having that adorable pack of mischievous energy in your life …

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