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Can Cryotherapy Really Help You Lose Weight?

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Discover some of the strangest strains of weight loss through history:

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that the cold cloud that is being blown on you from all sides of the room is cheating on your body thinking it's likely to freeze, which sends it in Preservation mode, says John Hoekman, CEO and owner of Quick Cryo in New York City.The brain tells the rest of the body to rush blood toward your body and vital organs for health and protection.

But seriously, is it too good to be true?

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Can we literally freeze his ass?

There is research that suggests that being in the cold for a long period of time could help you lose pounds sterling. That's because, in cold weather, your body works to increase your internal temperature by both chills and other internal processes that burn calories, says Brian Quebbemann, MD, Medical Director of ] The NEW Program in Newport Beach

For example, in a study published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, people who spent two hours a day for six weeks in a 63 The night room burned more energy than people who spent their time in temperatures that did not tickle. In another study published in Diabetes, people who slept in 66.2 degree chambers increased their burning brown fat by 42% and increased their metabolism by 10%. However, participants experienced no change in body composition, and their brown fat levels and metabolism returned to normal when they stopped sleeping in the cold.

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"There is no scientific proof that three minutes of body cryotherapy result in long-term weight loss," says Quebbemann of the supposed connection cryotherapy-weight loss. In fact, a study published in the journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity found that six months of cryotherapy did not result in any change in body mass or body fat. Aerobic exercise, he explains. It is worth noting that this same study showed that cryotherapy does not affect the metabolic rate either.

However, some cryotherapy users report a "high" after use, which published in the Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation. ] found is from the rush of endorphins like norepinephrine (the hormone leak or fight). This is triggered when your body realizes that it is not actually in danger of freezing to death, Hoekman explains. And if this high-feeling has excited you about HIIT, then it could help you increase the intensity (and therefore the calorie burn) in your post-cryo sweat session.

But how do you feel when you get out of the room? It's pretty individual, he says. So, you can not expect cryo to be your key to better workouts

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So, Should You Relax In A Cryo Tank? Ice and who are determined to try the trend, go ahead, says Quebbemann. But, according to the Food and Drug Administration, some risks are at stake.

In rare cases, deaths and injuries have occurred. A death due to cryotherapy was reported by the Associated Press in 2015 after a technician used a closed freezing tank unattended after working hours, and that he remained stuck. Meanwhile, Dallas Observer reported that a woman had filed a lawsuit after suffering severe frostbite

. It is true that frostbite is the biggest risk associated with cryotherapy, says Hoekman. But do it in a specialized studio, wearing proper equipment on your hands and feet (they should provide everything you need at the studio), and limiting your time in the machine to two or three minutes reduces the risk of 39; frostbite. . "If the room is used properly, it's safe."

So, if you are still far away and still thinking about throwing yourself in the water, make sure you are completely dry and that you have a buddy / watcher can keep them outside the tank .) Currently, there is no evidence that cold rooms will help you lose weight, but who knows, as the trend gets even hotter, maybe the new science will show us the opposite.

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