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A Spice Girls Reunion Tour Is Happening And We Need Tickets ASAP

Fans will remember that Geri (aka Ginger Spice) abruptly left the band in 1998 in the midst of a world tour – and she apologized for it Twitter l & # 39, last year. Apparently she was forgiven.

According to the report, everyone except Victoria, was in the early planning. But, with much conviction, she is now quite about it and is "fully on board". There are also "merchandising" projects around the tour, so a new Spice Girls t-shirt could be in your future. ] RELATED: These beautiful NSFW photos celebrate the beauty of women's bodies

The summer is not so far, but TMZ says that planning is still in the "early stages".

There have been rumors of a meeting of Spice Girls in the past, but this one seems to be legitimate. Last week, Emma posted a photo on Instagram of the five members together – something that has never been seen forever. "The future looks spicy!" She subtitled the shot. Maybe a clue to the meeting?

There is no official word of the band right now – and the Spice Girls website still seems stuck in the 90s – but there is no denial either. We will update this piece as we learn more about what is happening.

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