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The Best Products For Grooming Your Lady 'Stache

1. Wash first Clean skin is crucial. "You do not want the bacteria that hide on your face to penetrate deeper into your skin, as this could lead to an infection that could cause scarring, and it's a much bigger problem than facial hair," explains Henry. 2. Go with the …

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'I'm An Astrologer—Here's What My Life Is Like'

It is this epiphany that led Angel on a career of several decades. Before that, she called herself Angela Repellent and was part of the vibrant counterculture of the 80s in New York as a singer, artist, and poet. She still paints and plays today – and even plays the …

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Your Healthiest You 40 50 60 70+

40s Follow a healthy diet for the heart. This means a diet low in saturated fats and rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts. "Portion size is also important," says Cook. The DASH diet for the heart, which is synonymous with dietary approaches to stop high blood pressure, …

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What One Woman Learned From Having A Stroke At Age 47

When Mary arrived at the Spaulding Institution, she was still struggling with her speech and thought that her teaching and administration career was over. But another speech therapist, who was working at Boston University, encouraged Mary to come to a group of community aphasia. "Everyone had a story, and everyone …

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