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9 Women Share What It Was Like To Orgasm For The First Time

Ah, the first orgasm. Some women come together and are comfortable with their pleasure at a young age, and can not put their finger on it when it all started. But others remember their first big O as a capital event that happened much later in life, after many years of reflection.

This spectrum of experiences is not too surprising if we consider that most of us had to learn sexual pleasure and orgasm from sources like the television or friends (often so ignorant). (Thank you very much, sex ed.) And as such, many of us have experienced our first orgasms by accident, or by a form of self-exploration.

Nevertheless, understanding how orgasm is a beautiful, important, right of way for many women. That's the way we learn what our bodies are capable of.

Here are nine real, hilarious and often comforting stories from women about the first time they've had an orgasm.

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