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8 Creative Ways To Use Protein Powder

Protein powder might be a key ingredient in your kitchen, but it's probably not the most versatile. Of course, it makes a regular appearance in your smoothies, and you might even have tried adding it to muffin dough or pancakes. But what can you really do before it gets bad and you have to throw it away?

In the end, a lot. You can work a few spoons in tons of different recipes – from cookies, pancakes and ice cream, to salty dishes like homemade hot pockets or veggie burgers. (Just be sure to use unflavoured powder unflavored for these last two!)

With this extra dose of protein, the resulting dish will be even more satisfying and satisfying than a traditional recipe without powder. And as these recipes prove, the flavor is just as delicious. (Looking for a new protein powder that can help you reach your goals?)

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