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8 Cold Weather Mistakes That Are Making Your Eczema Worse

If you suffer from eczema, you might think that the woes of winter and skin go hand in hand.

Skin prone to eczema does not have the natural barrier that helps protect the skin from irritants and bacteria while retaining moisture. This makes the situation very sensitive all year round, but the cold and dry weather and all that relates to it (endless hand washing! Heavy sweaters!) Can often aggravate the situation.

(Find relief of allergies, joint pain, and more common conditions with affordable and effective health hacks in The Book of Physicians of Natural Healing Remedies !) [19659002] Here's the good news: While you can not control the temperature, you can make a serious impact on how your skin reacts. Avoid these common cold season stumps, and you might just find that dryness, redness, and itching are less of a big deal this year.

Here is what can cause your eczema outbreak:

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