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7 New Year's Kiss Stories That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Swoon

For many of us, the New Year kiss is all . This not only indicates a good time, but you can think of it as a sign that good things are ahead in the romance department for the coming year.

Okay, that's completely hype. And you could call B.S. together to "find someone to kiss at midnight" stuff-or not. Google "New Year's Kiss" and you'll find a bunch of articles that appear, promising to show you how get a kiss as if your 2018 depended on it.

Fortunately, he does not. And you know it. But that does not mean that the kiss of a New Year can not be made of magic-sending movies-in-your-belly-butterflies.

However, if things go wrong with your appointment or you blow into a noisemaker and sip champagne at midnight, that's fine. In fact, the pursuit of the perfect kiss (or, at least, everything) kiss / night / anything can often turn against us.

We asked seven women to share their most memorable smooches. Some are romantic (they are married now!) While others reveal why going solo may be better than having a date after all. Others start even romantic (a Parisian bf!) And end up escaping.

Here they put all this out for us. All we know is that we applaud these women for being honest and reminding us that when the ball falls, you'll have a great 2018-kiss-of-a-life or not.

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