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6 Warning Signs Of Stomach Cancer

Cancer of the stomach has the reputation of being one of the most painful forms of cancer. But for many people, pain is not one of the warning signs of the disease.

In fact, the most common feature in the early stages is that it causes no symptoms, says Umut Sarpel, MD, an associate and surgical professor. oncologist at Mount Sinai Health System in New York.

"We all suffer from stomach pains from time to time, which can worry people about stomach cancer," says Dr. Sarpel. "But this is not one of the most common cancers, and in most cases, stomach aches or pain are not going to be the result of cancer. " (Make sure you do not ignore these 10 symptoms of cancer.)

So, how often do these symptoms occur? About one in 111 adults will develop stomach cancer (gastric) at some point in their lives, and the disease is more common in men, according to the American Cancer Society. Dr. Sarpel adds that the risk of developing an illness increases with age.

Stomach cancer is not usually a hereditary disease. "The majority of gastric cancers are sporadic or caused by random mutations in DNA," she says. Although there is a super rare genetic mutation associated with the disease, Dr. Sarpel says that it is not worth it to be tested unless many people in your family tree have had the disease. (Want to take healthier habits, or eat tips that will fit your stomach? Sign up here for Prevention sound advice right in your inbox.)

So what should you be? Looking? These six symptoms.

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