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6 Things You Must Do To Take Care Of Your Vagina At Every Age

The problem can occur after menopause, when lower estrogen levels cause the glands to enter the vagina to produce less lubrication. This can make sex painful, but it can also cause burns or itching during exercise, standing, or even sitting.

Some experts say that eating soy-based foods, such as edamame, tofu or tempeh, can help combat drought. -mimicking compounds called isoflavones. Using a vaginal lubricant during sex can also help, "but that usually does not eliminate burning or itching at other times," Natchigall says.

That's why Natchigall recommends consulting your gynecologist. "Drought is a very treatable disorder," she says. Your doctor may recommend options such as an estrogen ring, a tablet or a cream. Femarella, a non-hormonal dietary supplement, or even local laser treatments like Mona Lisa Touch can be worthwhile solutions.

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