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6 Things to Say to Someone With Alzheimer’s (And 3 Things to Never Say)

Again, playing the teacher with a loved one is not going to help the situation.

"Alzheimer's disease destroys brain cells and alters the way a person receives and processes information. . "Instead, listen and try to make sense of what is said.Concentrate on the happiness and safety of the person, and if someone says something inaccurate and hurts nobody, forget about it. "

In fact, talking about a memory – no matter how accurate – can help someone with Alzheimer's disease

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"The act of telling the story is generally good for the person helping him to get socially involved, and is probably more important than the details are correct, "says Hamon. "Sometimes it's more important, such as when the doctor asks the person to consult their medical history, but this can be anticipated and the caregiver can give him or her a list of medications and current medical events or symptoms." [19659002] And while it is sometimes difficult, do your best to be patient. Remember that it's the disease, not the person, responsible for disconnecting in communication, Drew adds.

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