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6 Side Effects Of Healthy Eating That Nobody Tells You About

When the New Year arrives, many people decide to start eating healthier, whether it's to reduce carbohydrates, eat more protein or try a specific diet. But meeting a food challenge for a whole year is, well, a challenge. Although you can assume that eating healthy will instantly make you look and feel better, it can have unintended consequences on your system and psyche, especially if you take these changes too quickly.

Of course, this is not a reason. to make big improvements to the way you eat. But by being aware of these often unexpected pitfalls from the beginning, you will be better mentally prepared to go far. We spoke to Michelle Babb, RD, a functional nutrition specialist based in Seattle and author of Anti-Inflammatory Eating for a Happy and Healthy Brain, to discover the unexpected pitfalls of a change sudden diet – and how to manage them so that you can always crush your new healthy eating goals.

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