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5 Women Share The Workouts That Helped Them Lose The Last 5 Pounds

We literally all went through this: after losing a bunch of kilos quickly and almost reaching our goal of weight, the number on our scales stops suddenly. Suddenly, we can not lose weight even though our weight loss diet has not changed. Welcome to the plateau of fat loss.

What gives? Well, when we first try to lose weight, our bodies tend to react quickly, even to small changes. But as we lose, our metabolism slows down (after all, the smaller you are, the fewer calories you need to feed your body a day), making weight loss more difficult, according to Mayo Clinic [19659003]. frustrating, but it's also boringly common. Sooner or later, experts say, almost everyone trying to lose weight will reach a plateau. So, how do you push the overtaking?

A great way is with a change of workout, says head coach Nike Kirsty Godso. After all, the more you stick to a workout, especially without changing the factors like intensity, the more your body gets used to what you usually do. Translation: You burn fewer calories during each sweat session, she says. (Check out these six ways to change your workout to lose weight.) However, with the right workout, you can launch your high-speed calorie burns while building the lean metabolism needed to overcome the fat loss plateaus. 19659002] So when these five women hit their plateaus, they were repulsed. Here, they share the workouts that helped them lose the last five pounds and achieve their goals.

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