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5 Ways To Use Peppermint Oil To Revitalize Your Skin And Hair This Winter

It turns out that peppermint is kind of jack-of-all. It can soothe stomach ailments, act as an antibacterial agent in natural mouthwashes and hand sanitizers, and even boost your concentration or cure aromatherapy headaches.

But in addition to these benefits, peppermint essential oil benefits topicals such as soothe chapped lips when used in a healing balm, eliminating the condition. acne when used as a spot treatment, and deep cleansing of the scalp, among others.

"Peppermint oil is one of the few essential oils or tea tree) that has a ton of uses in every area of ​​your life: personal care, laundry. , cleaning, aromatherapy, it even has culinary and medicinal uses, "says Julia Teren, founder of Thesis Beauty. (Here are the 5 most versatile essential oils you can own.)

" More precisely In personal care, it has several important properties: deodorant, antiseptic, powerful skin purifier, refreshing and refreshing for the skin. Menthol is the major constituent of this oil and is responsible for the majority of these effects. "

Here we have highlighted five ways to properly use peppermint essential oil to wake up skin and winter hair.] (Combat Diabetes and lowering your cholesterol with affordable and effective health hacks in The Physicians' Book of Natural Healing Remedies !)

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