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5 Tools You Need To Build Better Balance—And Why It's Crucial For Your Health

Think about your day: You drive to the office, sitting; you work and attend meetings, seated; you eat three meals, sit down; you watch television, sitting. Basically, your day consists of long rest periods with short walks that take you to your next session. (If you're sitting all day, do this 5-minute stretch routine to help you relax.)

A victim of this model: your sense of balance. It does not matter if you're young, but after many years of sedentary life, you may find yourself wobbling when you get out of bed or afraid to swing on a sidewalk, says Connie Borho, founder of Balance Pilates and Yoga Centers. in Bradenton, Florida. And a lack of balance practice means that the meaning becomes even worse, a vicious cycle that results in falls, difficulties in getting out of a chair and a drop in athletic performance.

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What to do? First, take out your chair, or on your couch. You do not need to go to the gym or go to yoga: you can develop a better balance in your own home in minutes every day. Here are some articles, plus some suggestions suggested by Borhoe and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania yoga teacher Kim Kneller and Newtonville, Massachusetts, personal trainer Debra Bennett, who will help you restore your balance and eventually lead to even more active adventures. You do not need to spend a lot of time balancing the practice, but be consistent, Kneller says: 10 minutes a day is better than an hour once a week, because it keeps your body continually challenged . If you feel particularly stiff, stretch yourself a bit – some stretching will also help you keep balance.

Some notes: If you feel uncomfortable, it will help you to fix your gaze on a motionless object. wall in front of you, for example. This center "centers" you, but that does not mean your body will be completely motionless, says Kneller. Your body may flicker until it finds a way to balance, so do not worry about a few small changes. And it's always good to touch the wall or stand in a chair for support.

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