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5 Reasons Why Your Belly Button Hurts Like Hell

When you are born, doctors cut the umbilical cord – the tube that fed you during pregnancy – and the surrounding muscles heal. Sometimes, however, these abdominal muscles do not close all the time. When the intestines or fatty tissues grow through this opening, it creates a large bulge at the navel known as an umbilical hernia. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, an umbilical hernia occurs in about one in five newborns, with a 90% cure by the time a person is 5 years old.

For the remaining 10%, three times more women than men – The hernia remains. "Usually, with an umbilical hernia, your umbilicus is larger than usual.There is some tissue or membrane that you can feel coming out that is soft and that does not look like the surrounding skin, and it can be pushed back, "says Maser

It is possible to live with an umbilical hernia all your life without problems.However, sometimes the protruding tissue can be trapped and deprived of blood supply, a condition known as a strangulated umbilical hernia. "Once this becomes painful, it may mean that it compresses your epiploon [tissue in the stomach] or your gut," says Maser. blood is cut, the tissue can die and potentially lead to a potentially fatal infection.If your doctor thinks you have a strangulated hernia, he may request a CT scan, X-ray or MRI.If necessary, they will surgically remove the affected tissue to

So if you have an umbilical hernia, it's a good idea to know the symptoms of a strangulated hernia: In addition to the belly button pain, you may notice you can not push the tissue back inside your navel, and you could have a red or purple bulge in the belly button, constipation, fever, swelling of the abdomen and vomiting.

Constipated? Try these remedies:

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