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5 Reasons Married Couples Stop French Kissing

I guess it's a subtle way of saying, "You're getting old. As you get older, life is different. Although age brings freedom in some ways, it also brings anxiety to others. Our bodies change and are paralyzed by diseases that we can not always control. You learn to adapt and find other ways to please each other without ever kissing or even having sex.

Although it is a wonderful tool for excitement, the French kiss can be difficult to achieve as you get older. Medical conditions and treatments can change the way our body reacts to certain stimuli, and if the French kiss at a time can be a perfect source of pleasure, it could now be a source of stress.

As my Frenchman says, "Intimacy does not concern sex and sex has little to do with intimacy."

Although some may regret that the French kiss lacks the most weddings, I think it's not sad, but misunderstood. Unlike some TV shows or movies, life is not a fairy tale. Whether he is married seven years or 27 years old, marriage is difficult. That's what makes it special.

Personally, we have endured many difficulties. Throughout all this, the choice we have made to love, to honor and to cherish is strong even without the French kiss being a bestseller in the kisses menu. Do not get me wrong, it's on the menu, but not the favorite dish!

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