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5 Makeup Mistakes That Are Dragging Your Face Down

In terms of application, you want to make sure that your makeup creates a lifting effect. The wrong location can result in an appearance that drives your features. Here is where the contents of your makeup kit should be properly applied:

Blush: Yes, it is possible to deceive gravity with the precise application of blush. "Smiling and applying the blush on the apples of your cheeks – no more now," says Irwin. "Instead, blush almost half an inch more than you normally would for a" lift "visual effect." Think about the top of the cheekbone, almost at eye level rather than cheek. [19659002] Bronzer: Sweep a creamy formula where the sun would strike naturally: on your forehead and along the center and around the sides of your face.

Contour : "I'm not a big fan of someone bypassing someone over the age of 40. As you get older, you lose fat on your face, and you naturally earn a living. that outline provides, "says Irwin If you must, use a cream slightly darker than your complexion under the cheekbones.

Eye shadow : Apply a shadow with your eyes open – this allows you to see exactly what the color will look like Savrani suggests mixing a darker shade on the outer eyelids for extra definition, but be sure to mix well to avoid a falling effect.

Related: The hairstyle that will get a carded eyeliner [19659006] 38 years old : "With age, your features also change shape and the eyeliner may seem too harsh," says Savrani.An easy way to avoid this is to pass in brown pencil. "I have it should be tight in the line of the upper lashes, including under the lashes. This gives the effect of a raised upper eye, and gives the impression that eyelashes are thicker, "adds Irwin.

Eyebrow Pencil : Although it it's important to find the obvious and unnatural hue), the actual shape of your arches should be your main objective.A forehead too square can make your face heavy.The best way to groom them? Start by brushing them in their natural curve. before using an eyebrow pencil to draw a clear and clear outline line following the lower edge of the eyebrow. "Then brush them and do the same on the top edge. Then push them away, "advises Savrani. "Once you have these two lines, fill in the eyebrows using light feathery strokes, as if you're drawing individual hair." For more lift, brush a clear matte eyeshadow right under the arcade

at the base, the most moisturizing and plumping properties of your lip color have the best. If you have creases around the lip, line them slightly with a shade matching your lipstick to prevent the pigment from bleeding.

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