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4 Things You Need To Stop Saying After Getting A Compliment

Receiving a compliment can make you feel uncomfortable. Think back at the last time that someone flattered you; How did you take it? Do you hustle them or blow them up? Or did you thank them (what is the correct answer!)? Most people do not know how to handle a compliment, and the reasons vary, but as the experts explain, learning to accept the gesture is healthy and important.

Not accepting a compliment "shows that he lacks some self-confidence or perhaps feels insecure or anxious," says author and relationship expert Jane Greer, PhD. You are not in a position to claim ownership of any positive aspect of yourself that is addressed – your hair, your outfit, your talents, and your strengths. "By doing this, you are sending yourself a message of your own. Self-depreciation and devaluation, she says.You can feel that by accepting the compliment, you are fraudulent, but lowering yourself lowers your self-esteem and weakens your self-image.

So, what answers should you stop giving next time someone recommends you, well, anyway? These four, to start with. (Repeat after us: More diet, but rather, learn how to eat clean – with zero privation! – and watch the books fall, with your metamorphosis.)

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