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3 ​Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Dairy

When Dina Cheney went for her annual checkup, her doctor made a suggestion that at the time seemed devastating: She told him to give up the cheese.

Cheney, then aged about thirty, noticed that her weight was starting to climb. Even if his blood pressure and cholesterol levels were still normal, cutting his cheese would be an easy way to reduce his calories and lose a few pounds, his doctor says.

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She was quite refractory to her doctor's recommendations to beginning. Cheney loved cheese and ate it almost every day. Plus, she was a food writer who was part of her life writing cookbooks. She could not imagine breaking up with any of the foods that she liked the most – and worried that this could have a negative impact on her career.

But for her health, the mother of two decided to give her a try anyway. Although starting without her favorites was hard at first (she loved pizza), she quickly found that she felt better without them. A few months later, she also stopped eating cow's milk and ice cream – two other things she enjoyed almost every day. Before long, she was totally dairy free. Instead of cooking with milk or cream, it would replace plant milks. To obtain the rich umami flavor of cheese, she began relying on tasty vegan staples like miso, nutritional yeast and tomato paste.

PLUS: Healthy pizza toppings that you have not tried 19659002] It was four years ago, and she did not look back. For Cheney, the abandonment of dairy products has spawned so many positive changes that she has decided (for the most part) to stay that way for good. She was even inspired to write a dairy-free cookbook, The New Milks . Here is an overview of the three biggest benefits she has reaped.

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