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15 Celebs Who Wore Black To The Golden Globes

The awards season begins with an extremely bold and powerful statement. At the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards, which took place on January 7th and were hosted by Seth Meyers, the biggest stars of the big and small screens made an important statement on the red carpet by dressing it all up in black recognize the movements #MeToo and #TimesUp. By "obscuring" the event's red carpet, held at the Beverly Hills Beverly Hills, women protested against the epidemic of sexual harassment not only in their own entertainment industry, but in many industries at home. across the country. The initiative brought together hundreds of celebrities like Reese Witherspoon (nominated for her role in Big Little Lies ), Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman (also nominated for her role in Big Little Lies ). Women work together to combat sexual harassment, inequality for women and assaults and together they raised more than $ 15 million using GoFundMe.

Eva Longoria, one of the many women participating in the protest, explained to New York Times before the awards ceremony, saying, "This is a moment of solidarity, not a moment of fashion. For years we have sold these awards as women, with our dresses and colors and our beautiful faces and glamor.This time, the industry can not expect that we would go there. "

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Below we recognize 15 celebrities who made their red carpet moment at about much more than beautiful, because they took the time to make a powerful statement both with their outfit and their words.

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