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11 Must-Have Organizing Products To Keep Your Kitchen And Pantry Clutter-Free

Declutter Your Life is a one – month initiative to help you manage stress and improve your health by learning the principles of banishing clutter and restoring the sense of order in your world.

cooking can be the most difficult space. "It's the busiest room in the house." It's a "free-for-all," says Janet Bernstein, Philadelphia-based home-based organization expert and founder of The Organizing Professionals. the world uses it daily.

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Bernstein Recommends Customers to start with a purge. It turns out that you can have too many spatulas and frying pans. "The first step is to take out everything that is in the kitchen and see which objects you do not use anymore, simply go through and edit them in depth, the least is more."

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Once done, look at how you use the "prime real estate" in the kitchen, like the lower cabinets that everyone in the family can reach. There is always a limited space, so you have to think about what you use every day: keep your cutlery and utensils nearby, as well as the dishes and cups.

Often, the pantry needs to be restarted: "The pantry can be difficult because it's more fluid. "The key is to ensure that nothing is hidden behind your back and forgotten, while most people store food, dishes, stationery and other supplies can also find their way. place in the pantry. There is no wrong way to organize a pantry, "she says," whatever works for you. "

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Once you determine where everything should live in your kitchen, there are many products designed to save space and store everything neatly and attractively. Here are some of Bernstein's favorite articles on the organization of the kitchen:

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