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10 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Your Wedding Makeup Trial

Your makeup preparation will differ depending on the time and place of your wedding. A black tie affair in winter calls for a much different look from a beach party in the afternoons. "For example, if a bride is getting married in a church in the morning, looking too dramatic may seem out of place," says Stone. "Similarly, if it's a wedding in December in a ballroom, a tanned beachy look is not appropriate."

Beyond dictating the level of clothing, the location also helps when it comes to choosing the right formulas. An outdoor wedding calls for more preparation than the indoor one, especially if there is moisture or rain in the forecast. You will need to talk with your makeup artist about the preparation of the skin, eyes and lips, as well as how to choose the best long lasting formulas. "You also have to start and adjust well enough to take pictures, hugs, kisses and crying," says Keyerra Madeline, makeup artist and esthetic trainer at Blushington Midtown West.

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