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​69-Year-Old Model And Dietitian Shares Her Secrets To Looking—And Feeling—Young

No food is allowed for Musk, provided that it is healthy and that it is little processed. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the basis of his diet, as are lean proteins like yogurt and low-fat eggs. Chicken, fish and meat are casual players, but Musk usually saves them when she dines. She eats butter occasionally, but she tries to stick to other sources of fat such as olive oil, avocado and nuts.

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What's not Musk for? Processed foods and fad diets. "I do not like gluten-free foods, they are processed and useless," she says. Neither fruit juices (Musk is not a fan of kale) nor smoothies with expensive powders do not lift their thumbs either. "Get your nutritional information from registered dieticians, no miracle healers, you'll be happier and cheaper," she says.

The main way to control her weight is to control old portions. "I know that it sounds simple, but many people do not do it anymore, "she says.For Musk, sticking with real unprocessed foods, it's easier to avoid overeating because they tend to be more filling things like cookies or crackers – a simple way to keep your portions in check: Try filling your plate with 50% vegetables and fruit, 25% lean protein and 25% complex carbohydrates (quinoa, sweet potatoes) , etc.) You can also enjoy a portion of healthy fats the size of a golf ball.And do not come back for a few seconds unless you are still really hungry. (Psst! do not miss these control tips of 5 servings you have never heard before.)

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