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​6 Women Share The Resolutions They're Vowing To Finally Achieve

Lisa Ng, 37, Portland, Oregon

"I want to eat better and eventually lose five to ten pounds."

This food and travel blogger's vow resurfaces again and again. Track everything she eats on a strict 1,600-calorie diet, as well as cut off alcohol, refined sugar, sugary drinks and fried foods (her favorite: fried chicken), helping Lisa to lose a few pounds each January. But in the space of a few weeks, she is bored at typing every bite, forgets to record snacks, sneaks in and indulges in "forbidden foods" (and smells of it). guilty), and joins friends for dinner instead of cooking. In addition, for her work, she regularly attends events in the food industry, where it is the torture of passing cocktails and apps. After years of the same cycle, "it's hard not to have the impression of being a failure."


Lisa's weight loss methods to restrict the calories, swearing at certain foods – Brooke Alpert, RD, author of The Sugar Detox . When a plan demands too much of you, these unrealistic intentions prepare you for defeat, says Alpert, adding that Lisa's guilt holds her back by leading her to appease herself with more food [19659004] GET that Goal

] A successful reorganization of eating must work with, not against, Lisa's life. First and foremost, she must lose the list of "forbidden foods," says Alpert. Too many restrictions can encourage a single skid to wrap up quickly ("Oh no, I had a fried chicken drumstick … I could just as well have the whole bucket"). By planning for an indulgence once a week, she can eat without guilt and feel empowered, uncontrolled, by her choices. Then, frequent meals at the restaurant should not prevent Lisa (or anyone else) from keeping the weight – "she just needs to consider eating a regular meal instead of thinking of it as a treat . " Making sure that her plate is filled with protein and fiber-rich plants such as broccoli, as she would at home, she will be satisfied longer and avoid unhealthy snacks between meals

. limits before participating (for example, a cocktail party and some past out-of-work). "This decision replaces mental ping pong- should I eat it, should not I?" – 19459007 "- a process that almost always ends up being abused, says Alpert The bonus of following his plan: A flood of brain chemicals that reinforce the contention will help Lisa to continue, forming a series of healthy days that will keep her going. will extend to the success of the resolution. (Speed ​​up your progress towards your weight loss goals with the DVD Look Better Naked from Women's Health.)

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